Our Services

Professional Truck Centre always strive to get the job done with utmost quality and with affordable cost. We have a large on-site & mobile inventory, a team of expert mechanics and a great reputation with a long history of satisfied clients.
to discuss how we can help you save time & money on both regular & one-time mechanical & tire jobs. We have designed our mobile truck repair service to be fast and cost effective so you can get back to your job relaxed.

Below is our range of services where we are specialized in.


We have the most complete and modern engine rebuilding machine shop in Canada. We provide complete gas and diesel engine rebuilding for light and heavy duty trucks


Whether you own or lease your trucks, we provide complete fleet maintenance for their smooth running all year round. We have what it takes to, with the right team of experts and tools, we keep your fleet in shape.


Is your truck down with flat tire? We inspect the problem and tell you whether you need an old tire or a new one suffice the issue. We always keep the cost low keeping your affordability and quality service in mind.


Though oil change issue can not make your truck down but it can lower its efficiency and over a period of time it might run down. Keep the oil change on time and again in order to avoid cost and time that might take it toll later.


We understand that downtime is very costly, and we try to provide exchange units. If we do not have a unit in stock, our best bet then is to order and get it as fast as possible. Contact us for all truck transmission repairs.


We provide towing to all small and heavy duty trucks. Our road side emergency service move your disabled truck quickly. If an illegal truck is parked in your property and has to be removed, we work with all the authorities to get it removed.


From brakes to body, we do the complete general repair of trucks. Every detail on your truck will be addressed. Don’t let mechanical failures drag down your day. To get you running as quickly as possible, Professional Truck Centre is your fleet guardian.


We have a wide variety of auto parts and accessories to address every issue of your trailer. Our speciality is in trailer repair and that is what we love to do. By choosing Professional Truck Centre you can rest assure that you are in safe hands.


When a break down occurs, it impairs your business to and on top of that if you have to wait for hours to get your truck back on road, it poses a real havoc. Our truck service technicians will locate the source of the problem, and handle the situation accordingly.


Why wait for 9-5 business hours to fix  when an emergency 24/7 truck repair line is available. Call us at midnight and we are at your spot to resolve your truck problem whether it is battery issue, tire replacement, engine problem or any other issue.


If your truck won’t start, it might be just dead battery. Call us and we will start up your truck with our heavy duty booster and back on road in no time. Most day-to-day parts are usually in stock. If not, our suppliers are able to deliver the parts within matter of minutes.


You know how important it is for brakes to work fine. What if truck brakes fail? Regular maintenance job of your tractor trailer such as inspection, oil change, brakes etc. are of utmost importance to run smooth. We perform them at the highest industry standards.

Brands We Repair